Our mentoring program is designed to assist members in various domains of applied and scientific practice. We have a large database of experienced mentors who can, for example, help with statistical analyses, give advice for job interviews or brainstorm on finding a topic for your master thesis!

Our members mainly indicated their expertise in the following areas:

  • Statistical analysis with R or SPSS
  • Qualitative data collection and analysis
  • Designing a study: research questions, hypotheses, methodology
  • Proof-reading of master thesis
  • Finding a topic for a master thesis
  • Career counselling
  • Shadowing/Internship
  • Peer-Consultation about scientific or applied sport psychological domains
  • Mentoring the student work in module PSE5
  • Mentoring the student work in module PSE6
  • Mentoring the student work in module PSE8

If you ever have the feeling to be stuck, make sure to reach out to with your concern and we will then get in touch with a suitable mentor. Upon agreeing, you will receive your mentor’s contact information to reach out with your concern.


/ Step 1

Send your request to

/ Step 2

Committee looks for a suitable mentor

/ Step 3

You will receive your mentor's contact information

/ Step 4

Reach out to your mentor and get support!


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Helena Schmitz