The PSE Alumni Club offers various types of events for its members throughout the year.

/ Annual General Meeting (AGM)
The core event of the club, where all members can return to the German Sport University and will get together to share experiences, learn from others and grow as a network.

/ Guest Talks

Regular events where experts from diverse fields of applied sport psychology and research will share their stories. These talks usually take place online every two months and last around 60 minutes. At the end of every talk, you always have the chance to ask your questions and get in touch.

/ Open Exchange

Regular events in which specific topics concerning work-related questions, challenging issues, and ethical considerations are discussed. The aim of this exchange is to share experiences, (critically) reflect one’s own practice and gain new ideas for research and practice. These events take place online twice a year and last around 60 minutes. Topics concerning the applied work as a sport psychologist and research related questions are discussed in an alternate way.


26.04.2023 / 7 pm / Guest Talk #8 / Bernhard Schütz, Louis Kleemeyer, Jan Kaminski

The Special Olympics World Games are the largest inclusive sporting event in the world and the largest multi-sport event in Germany since the 1972 Olympic Games.

Bernhard Schütze (national coach for team sports and contact person for sports psychology), Louis Kleemeyer (tennis athlete and coordinator in the organizing committee) and Jan Kaminski (PSE alumni and coordinator in the organizing committee) will give us an insight into how the athletes, partners and coaches of the German delegation prepare for the World Games in terms of sports psychology, what experiences athletes have during the competitions as well as a short insight into the history of the Special Olympics movement.

27.06.2022 / 7 pm / Guest Talk #7 / Joshua Abuaku

Joshua is a 25 year old olympic track and field athlete (400m hurdles). While he is practicing in Frankfurt, he studies Sport and Performance at the German Sport University. Within the Guest Talk, he will tell us something about his personal experiences with sport psychology throughout his career. Moreover, he will of course give us some olympic insights!

His motto: Good things take time!

04.04.22 / 8 pm / Guest Talk #6 /
Franziska Lautenbach, Rita de Oliveira & Dennis Redlich

Get an overview of the three most important sport psychology associations, from each of which we have invited a great speaker:

(1) asp (Franziska Lautenbach):
a German association with the aim of further promoting and developing sport psychology research, teaching and application. Franziska is Vice-President of the Department for the Promotion of Young Talent here, alongside being a junior professor at the Humboldt University in Berlin and having completed her studies at the DSHS.

(2) FEPSAC (Rita de Oliveira):
the European Association for Sport Psychology. The non-profit organisation aims to disseminate information about and promote sport psychology work. Rita has been an executive board member here since 2015, alongside being a professor at London South Bank University.

(3) ENYSSP (Dennis Redlich):

an international organisation concerned with the promotion and dissemination of knowledge in the field of sport and exercise psychology in the areas of research, education and applied work. Dennis is one of the chairs of the education department here, besides being a research assistant at the DSHS.

26.01. / 8 pm / Guest Talk #5 / Urša Terdin

Urša is a member of the fourth cohort of the PSE Master program at the DSHS. The 25-year-old is a member of the Slovenian national team in ITF Taekwondo and Kickboxing. Over the past twelve years she has consistently competed in championships at European and world level and wishes to continue to do so. She has won multiple European and world championships in both sports. Through her sports career, she discovered her enthusiasm for sport psychology. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Biopsychology in Slovenia and wishes to pursue an applied, athlete-focused career in the future.

06.12. / 7 pm / Guest Talk #4 / Peter Schneider

Peter is currently the sport psychology consultant for the youth academy of FC Augsburg e.V. He has extensive experience in professional soccer, both at the youth and professional level, consulting players and coaches for the past five years. Starting with a B.A. in biology and psychology in his home state of Michigan (USA) from Kalamazoo College, he moved to Europe in 2007 and achieved a M.Sc. in both sport psychology and sport diagnostics and intervention from the University of Jyväskylä and Leipzig University, respectively. He continued his education, completing his PhD in sport psychology from Leipzig University in 2020 with a focus on talent development environment and group processes. Additionally, he is the former president and part of the management council of ENYSSP (European Network of Young Specialists in Sport Psychology).

12.11. / 7.30 pm / Annual General Meeting #1

Both online and in person (at the German Sport University).

08.06. / 7.30 pm / Guest Talk #3 / Steven Behn

Not only is Steven on his way to becoming a (sport) psychologist but at the same time he is part of the German taekwondo national squad and coaches taekwondo on a state level. Some of his greatest successes as an athlete are two European titles and a world cup bronze medal. He has and is experiencing sport psychology from three different perspectives: as an athlete, as a coach and as a psychologist. To Steven, sport psychology is relevant in every second of an athlete’s life and his biggest passion lies in the fields of mindset, motivation and mindfulness.

12.04. / 7 pm / Guest Talk #2 / Jessica Ann Coenen

After graduating with a BA in Psychology from Western University Canada, Jessica went on to be the first ever graduate of the PSE master’s program at the German Sport University in Cologne. Her research topic adapted from activity and aging to sport-related-concussions. Today, she continues her academic career at the University Paderborn in the Institute of Sports Medicine where she investigates neurophysiological return-to-sport post-concussion.

04.03. / 7 pm / Guest Talk #1 / Sinikka Heisler

Sinikka has a BA in Psychology and graduated from the first cohort of the PSE master’s program. She is currently working as sport psychologist in the youth academy of the famous German soccer club Hamburger SV. Sinikka also teaches at the German Sport University and received a PhD scholarship in January 2021. Therefore, she now complements her applied work by pursuing a PhD in the field of “perceptual-cognitive talent criteria in youth elite soccer”.

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