Membership fees (per year)

15€ / PSE Students
30€ / PSE Alumni, Institute Employees & (former) Lecturers
100€ / Institutions

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Event Committee
Research Committee
Media Committee
Peer Consultation Committee
Statistical analysis with R
Statistical analysis with SPSS
Qualitative data collection and analysis
Designing a study: research questions, hypotheses, methodology
Proof-reading of master thesis
Finding a topic for a master thesis
Career counseling
Peer-consultation about scientific or applied sport psychological domains
Mentoring the student work in module PSE 5 (Motivation, Emotion & Adherence)
Mentoring the student work in module PSE 6 (Relationships, Teams & Group Dynamics)
Mentoring the student work in module PSE 8 (Stress, mental health & well-being)
I authorize the PSE Alumni Club e.V. to collect the payments I have to make until further notice (15,00€ p.a. for students / 30,00€ p.a. for graduates and lecturers / 100,00€ p.a. for institutional members) by direct debit from the account stated above on the due date (usually January 31).
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After sending your justification for your requested kind of membership , the executive board decides about your application.
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