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A network to stay connected beyond pursueing your education.

Recent News

We are glad to invite all PSE Alumni Club members, as well as all interested in becoming one, to a Beach Volleyball and Social Event. 

It will be a sporty, funny and hopefully sunny day to get in touch, play beach volleyball, or just have some good times with fellow club members and friends.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Who we are 

We are a network of students, alumni, lecturers and institutions who are affiliated to the Master's program M. Sc. Psychology in Sport and Exercise at the German Sport University Cologne.

Read about our story, the vision we strive for and the faces behind the club.

What we do 

Besides keeping students and alumni connected beyond their education, the PSE Alumni Club aims to provide its members with various possibilities to share their knowledge, benefit from each other's expertises and support their personal and professional development in sport psychology as well as related domains.

Our Story

In summer 2020, the PSE Alumni Club was founded by a team of current students and alumni of the Master’s program M.Sc. Psychology in Sport and Exercise of the German Sport University Cologne. 

The idea emerged from the desire to stay connected beyond graduating the Master’s program and to benefit from the diverse knowledge, resources and expertises acquired during the course of study. By that, our members get the unique opportunity to both share their personal and professional journeys while profiting off those by fellow alumni.

Our Vision

Exchange valuable experiences from your journey in sport psychology!

Stay tuned about latest research, trends, techniques and events in the field!

Receive support in your career development in both research and practice!

Become a part of an international netework of professionals!

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