Peer Consultation

Peer Consultation

The PSE Alumni Club offers regular Peer Consultation Sessions (PCS) for applied and research related cases. The sessions are run through online meetings every two months and will last approximately 90 min. At each date two parallel PCS will be conducted, one for research specific exchange, and one concerning applied practice. A total of 3-5 participants can enter each meeting. However, note that a maximum of three cases are discussed. Inscription prior to the meeting is required following the “first-come-first-serve”-principle. To ensure quality and a fruitful exchange within the peer consultation process, at least one person of the committee will be present who moderates the procedure.

Rationale & Aims


/ Step 1

Sign consent and confidentialy form

/ Step 2

Prepare your case-report (for PCS only)

/ Step 4

Comittee confirms your attendance and shares the meeting link

/ Step 5

Enjoy the session! :-)

Dates / 2022

18.01. / PCS

15.03. / PCS

17.05. / PCS

19.07. / PCS

20.09. / PCS

15.11. / PCS


Our peer-consultation sessions adhere to the standard of confidentiality in psychology. Before participating all members need to complete an online consent and confidentiality agreement. This is a one-time request. Members who did not inscribe are not eligible to participate.


/ Peer-consultation committee
Pia Zajonz

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