Peer Consultation

Peer Consultation

Peer Consultation Session 2.0

Join an Open Exchange in a Relaxed Atmosphere

The aim of the new format is to enhance exchange between (former) students and share ideas and thoughts, just brainstorm together about a topic we all are passionate about – sport psychology!

Therefore, we will meet online on a regular basis (every two months, first Wednesday). As a club member, you will get the opportunity to discuss actual topics spotted in the sport world through a sport psychological perspective or discuss general work-related concerns. However, as in the past, you will also have the possibility to discuss specific questions/issues you may face within your work or studies.

We are looking forward to fruitful and fun discussions.

All you have to do is to join the meeting via a zoom link (received via mail after your registration).  

Rationale & Aims


/ Step 1

Sign consent and confidentialy form

/ Step 2

Prepare your case-report (for PCS only)

/ Step 4

Comittee confirms your attendance and shares the meeting link

/ Step 5

Enjoy the session! :-)

Dates / 2023

each 7:30 pm

08.02. / PCS

05.04. / PCS

07.06. / PCS

02.08. / PCS

04.10. / PCS

06.12./ PCS - Christmas special


Our peer-consultation sessions adhere to the standard of confidentiality in psychology. Before participating all members need to complete an online consent and confidentiality agreement. This is a one-time request. Members who did not inscribe are not eligible to participate.


/ Peer-consultation committee
Pia Zajonz

If you would like to get involved in the PSE Alumni club's committee work or have further suggestions for us,
feel free to get in touch with us via